Day 3 – Saturday, March 24, 2018

9:00 to 10:15 a.m.     Keynote Lecture by  David Yepsen

 In Times Like These, What Helps? What Hurts? 

What role can media play in supporting political dialogue to generate constructive, engaged civic connection in a contentious public landscape? How can we each be part of moving the dialogue forward even amidst profound disagreements?

(Location: Sussman Theater in Olmsted Center)


10:30 to 12:00 p.m.     Major Panel Session

Getting Active, Getting Local

What does public leadership look like in local contexts? What key take-a-ways must we take seriously as we move forward, eager to nurture the civic health of our local, state and broader social and political contexts?

Panelists include: Sara KurovskiWalker McKusick,  Jason Noble and Ras Smith.